Relaxation for couples

Specially for couples we have prepared the relaxation program which will be to the taste to both  partners.

 Resorting to massage, you will be able to unveil in the partner the opportunities hidden behind a veil, or define what the person, with whom you have a budding relationship, really likes.

If you are in couple for a long, but feelings became a little colder, all your attempts to bring in life something new are in vain and you don't know how to act not to lose a partner, or not turn relationship into routine, then massage for couples would be the perfect solution in your situation. Realize the hidden opportunities, feel on the body that was hidden somewhere in the depths. And we will help you to lift a curtain of mysteries.

The desire to introduce a variety in the relations is commendable even if only one of partners wants to make it, it does not matter, the main thing that you didn't throw attempt and you keep afloat. Massage therapists of Calypso salon will help you to add fresh, air invigorating consciousness.

Massage can be performed by one masseuse, and two, a man and a woman. There are a variety of variations in the execution of relaxation procedures. Alternate massage each of the partners, during which you can enjoy the view of your partner, which feels pleasure. When the massage performed by two people, a man and a woman, both partners will experience the bliss at the same time. Regardless of the type of process and massage, you'll admire your partner and build erotic fantasies in your mind. 

If you wish novelty, want to get rid of the environment of four walls, we will offer you enormous variety of options, where you can experience bliss erotic massage in Kazan. The best starting point of massage is the bath. Hot water, foam, body relaxation and bliss for the soul. All this will be supplemented with the gentle touch of our masters, who will not allow you to feel boredom. It is a completely different picture, not as always. If you usually stay alone in the bathroom,  here you will be with the envoys of relaxation. These envoys in no way will make you to be held back, on the contrary, their intensions are to emancipate you.

 Having got acquainted with the masseurs at the initial stage, you will become close to them, because bliss, which are in their hands, will lift you up to unprecedented heights of relaxation.