Lakshmi’s Foot- massage by feet

We present you the relaxation program «Lakshmi’s foot». Such name was given in honour of the Vedic Goddess Lakshmi. Have you heard of her?

Lakshmi combined in herself beauty, knowledge, peace and love. It is a really unique goddess, mercy, good luck, well-being and success are under the auspices of her. Happiness is the second name of the goddess.

She appeared from the Lotus flower which grew among the dairy sea. The goddess is depicted in gold and jewels, and therefore the divine Pantheon made her patroness of prosperity and wealth. She was the leading one among the other gods, and no one could covet her post.

And today the decision of the divine Pantheon remains undisputable, manifesting before us the goddess Lakshmi, as the patron of well-being that brings good luck and wealth to those who worships and idolizes her.

Since ancient times the goddess is depicted in the image of a beautiful woman, sitting on a throne from the lotus. Her eyes are huge and dark, and she has four hands. Lakshmi is the sacred feminine, bestowing to people strength and faith, presenting to humanity determination and confidence. 

For obtaining wellbeing of the goddess there is no need to go to far-away countries, it is enough to come to us, in Calypso studio where you will be presented with pacification and strength.

Relaxation « Lakshmi’s Foot» is performed by feet. This technique is applied by the Indian, Arabian and Chinese doctors throughout many millennia and acts as medical and preventive massage. But before massage by feet, the body needs to be kneaded and prepared by means of manual massage which will be perfectly performed by our beautiful girls, masseuses of Kazan. Then pleasure of the ancient goddess will begin during which the nude patroness of wellbeing will stand on your back and performs a lovely relaxing massage. Quiet, smooth movements by warm legs will not leave anyone indifferent, and the improved massage of muscles is reached thanks to the effects of an additional weight of the masseuse on your body.


As a result, you feel lightness, the metabolism and blood circulation in your body will improve.

Peace of mind, health improvement, restoration of forces – here that you will be presented by Lakshmi's Great Goddess.