дерзкий ангел

Impudent angel

Passion and lust are in her eyes. Creation, like a Mirage, a beautiful image and features, pronounced impudence. There are a drop of madness and tremendous aftertaste. The strength and independence, tenderness and vulnerability have joined together to create an unsurpassed image, the image of an Impudent  angel.

Specially for fans of sharp, bright feelings, you have prepared the impudent program of relaxation, as always exclusive, bold and filled with bright emotions, all this is in "Calypso". Fire is at your palms … The magnificent program will begin with a shower with our angel which will grow into the incredible erotic part, capable to light you.

Then body-relaxation waits for you, based on classic methods of this art. And at the end – a shower with an impudent angel, the beautiful nymph of our salon. For an hour you will be surrounded by beautiful girls, who know a lot about pleasure and relax you with impudence.