Ice and Flame

To unite not united, bring together opposites, put two elements face-to-face, absolutely different elements. Ice and Flame are two different worlds, different universes, met together in new relaxation program from the «Calypso». Opposites attract each other and ideally complement one another. Relaxation and excitement, thanks to which you are able to experience on your body unity of opposite elements is the greatest miracle. How often people choose something completely identical buying clothes, they look at the fact that they complement each other, but this is not always right. Try to create a combination of incongruous, and you will understand what is the «Ice and flame».

The energy of stones since ancient times was the subject of interest of people. Exactly thanks to stones this massage can be made. Stones have the ability to clear the human body, therefore, using natural stones, you will feel not only a relaxation, but also you realize high efficiency of such procedure.

During stone-therapy you will lose the severity of physical activities, depressions and psychological stresses. Chronic fatigue will leave you, making place for new challenges and emotions. Stone prolongs a hand of the master, thus strengthens effect of procedure repeatedly. Vitality increase, improvement of mood and relaxation – that is that necessary for the modern urbanized person.The best effect of stones is achieved using an additional massage technique, for example cryotherapy.

During cryomassage the body is affected by cold. Usefulness of short-term effects of cold on the human body has positive impact on his health and well-being that is repeatedly confirmed by doctors. During the massage procedure with cold application the body responds to changes in temperature. This technique is not only useful, but also is capable to cure some diseases.

The high degree of positive effects on the body of relaxation «Ice and flame» is achieved by alternating heat with cold. Such technique improves blood circulation, so the body gets more oxygen and and starts functioning more actively.

The program includes sensual massage, endowed with elements of stonetherapy, cryotherapy from our masters. After a variety of massages your body will feel the Thai relaxation, famous for the amazing relaxing properties. Well, in the end of the program, you will plunge into the warm streams of a relaxing shower.