Honey passion

Медовая страстьIn Ancient Tibet knew the extreme usefulness of Honey relaxation, about its versatility and uniqueness. Curative effect of which is possible because of the extensive positive properties of honey. During massage procedure honey is completely absorbed by skin, powering metabolism. Honey contains the huge amount of vitamins useful to a human body, microcells of this natural medicine are perfectly perceived by the organism. 

On the basis of scientific data, the structure of honey is extremely close in composition to the plasma of human blood. Exactly thanks to this property, honey digests completely in a few minutes. Massage includes peeling elements with honey during which skin is cleared, blood circulation in an organism is accelerated and the technique itself has a good effect on the human condition.

This type of massage, with use of a unique element by the nature – honey, brings toxins out of an organism, clears it. In case of penetration into the body tissues, honey draws toxins, which prevent the skin to breathe. And in 15 minutes of the procedure you will feel the beneficial effect of massage on your body, feel as the fresh air fills it. The specifics of «Honey relaxation» is that you get not only physical relaxation as a result of massage, but also get rid of the mental fatigue, deprive of sleep disorders. If you suffer from depression and stress, refer to the Studio «Calypso», and we'll give you a divine relaxation.

The relaxation program lasts for 2 hours. And, at the beginning you will take a shower with the master, after which will take place 15-minutes neck zone massage and bathing. Further you will be expected by key procedure of ceremony of a relaxation – honey massage lasting 15 minutes. For a full relaxation we prepared for you honey erotic part, lasting more than 20 minutes. And in the end of ceremony of massage, you feel on the body shower-cocktail and clear mind thanks to the tea ceremony.