One of the treasures of the gods is the grapevine.  In our Studio you can feel yourself a real god, indulge your body, feel the taste of relaxation «Grapevine».

Pleasure for gourmets

Since ancient times magical properties were ascribed to the grapevine, healing capabilities of which cannot be overstated. On the basis of the legends, the first plant on Earth was exactly vine.

Solar vine berries fascinate with beauty, and their juice possesses rejuvenating effect. The oil extracted from the seeds of this plant is used for relaxing and rejuvenating massage. The high content of plant polyphenols allows, by the right, to call this oil "a youth hormone".

The most valuable vitamins are concentrated in the grape seed oil, fatty acids are there too, working in pair with tannins. That's what the record of the oil is in the percentage of vitamin E in its composition. Having healing properties, it acts as an obligatory component in the care of a face skin and body.

Rejuvenation and elasticity giving to skin – what wished by all men and women but very few people guess that for these purposes the best means is oil from grapevine seeds.

Visiting us you will receive a relaxing erotic massage, curative oil will be used at which.  With us, your skin will become soft and silky, the production of collagen will increase, the pH level will be normalized.

Only the language of touch is capable to uncover all delights of massage «Grapevine». Blindfold you will feel on yourselves only touches of our great masseur who will bring you inconceivable pleasure, will allow you to feel in the paradise garden surrounded with bunches of grape. Girls of massage studio, like grapes, will twine you round, will fill the body with sexual energy and cheerfulness. Slow movements, gradually rubbing your skin with grape seeds oil, the masseur will massage you, paying special attention to erogenous zones.

Sensual touches of gentle hands will allow you to be discharged, throw the accumulated problems off the shoulders and to dispel bad thoughts.

If you appreciate and love to indulge your body, then you will inexpressibly like relaxation «Grape vine». It is enough to dial phone-number of our Studio, and you are in Paradise …