Massage for sensual ladies

Female "importances" in Calypso salon

Any woman in the everyday life is busy with household chores, and everyday work exhausts day by day. This excessive fatigue, which accumulates in a large bulk, causes stress, fatigue and other negative emotions. But we cannot leave everything as it is everything as it is. Each of us must fight it surely. You are a Woman, worthy of attention and admiration.

So, let’s indulge ourselves, let’s get off the back frailty of the accumulated problems, we will forget about all problems, leave the hustle and bustle behind . You only need to find the time to dedicate an hour or two for yourself, and then dive into the world of bliss. Take care of yourselves once, and you will see: as your health and beauty will start shining in a special way. Who will take care about it except you. 

The most friendly and sensual salon 

Salon-Studio Calypso waits for you today for  the relaxation of your body. We are glad to help you love yourself like a true woman, we know how to indulge a female body. You will discover the secrets of sensual relaxation and secrets of Thai massage. The masters of massage in our salon are able to deliver to you true pleasure. The entire procedure is based on Thai body massage. During massage different aromatic oils are surely applied.  Not only words are important to women, but also sensual touches must bring the treasured feeling that will excite you for a long time.

The closeness of bodies excites, unsurpassed touches soften skin, do it velvet, allow to breathe – all this promises sensual massage. But the classical massage does not allow the words, just a touch. The effect of a full relaxation is reached only by means of a touch of gentle and professional hands, your body gets rid of intensity, gets peace and tranquillity, all that has been accumulated previously, will fall into oblivion. The air filled with crystal smells of herbs and aromatic oils will transfer you to other world – to the world of bliss.

Massage in our Studio established only two rules - to fulfill every wish of a guest and deliver a true relaxation. Highly professional masseur reaches it by the easy sensual touches of the body: gently and tactfully. The main purpose of your visiting the massage salon is to distribute sexual energy. Only optimally matched program can help to achieve this, and this is possible only at the individual approach, because every woman is unique in her desires. This is the style of our work.

The enormous pleasure from Calypso

Each client of salon receives only enormous pleasure from the time spent with us. Having visited us only once, you will surely want to return. You’ll get caresses which are urged to bring pacification to every woman. Just imagine what a raging volcano of the feelings can be made from you, ready to rush any minute. We have no restrictions and we will allow you to relax completely. Frank caresses of the masseur will allow to hear the body, to understand:  what exactly is so lacking in the vanity of week-days.

Massage for sensual ladies is necessary to every woman. Combine work and own emancipation with us is a great alternative to sex, a great opportunity to relax. It should be noted that this kind of affection is not considered as unfaithfulness. Therefore you can always afford sensual massage without risks and fears. You have to feel only peace and harmony during the procedure of massages. The Calypso salon offers you massage rest in the atmosphere of the highest pleasure.

If you decided to relax and stop thinking about daily vanity, the salon studio of erotic massage Calypso waits for you every day.  We are glad to every client, for us there are no exceptions. You don't have to go far, because we are located in the available transport place, it is easy to find us but it is difficult to leave us, because the shackles of bliss hardly leave you so quickly. Regular clients have discounts.

Visit our atmosphere with dimmed lights and quiet music, delightful pleasures, tart aromas and the most tender hands of massage therapists, and so you will find that you did not have before. We can take possession of the most inaccessible female body, revealing it all delights of massage pleasure and bringing the refined joy of divine aromas.