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#3 | 08 июн 2015 в 22:33 Manoj: Pickup and Drop Facility
I want to come for message but new in Kazan. Do you have pick and drop facility from Courtyard Marriott.
Calypso Kazan: Good afternoon! You can visit us at addresses: Kazan, Ershova st, 1a, Business center «Korston», 3rd floor and Kazan, Spartakovskaya st, 6, Suvar Plaza, 3rd floor.
#2 | 23 апр 2015 в 06:54 Alvin: safe
How can I be absolutely sure that the girls that give the massage are safe and not infected with some disease?
Calypso Kazan: Good day! Our masters (girls and boys) monthly undergo a medical examination, pass tests. Carry a document - a medical book, in which doctors confirm their cleanliness.
#1 | 25 янв 2015 в 14:24 Alexander: Hi
i wanna know about the prices, how much will cost a bachelor party with odyssey dreams?For example...
Calypso Kazan: Good day! All detailed information about the stag, you can get a massage salon administrators by calling (843) 290-99-90, (843) 526-53-23.