Face relax

Among the most relaxing therapies are face and head relaxation. During therapy tension decreases and skin is stimulated that prevents its withering. East relaxation well influences the condition of the organism as a whole, relieving of stresses and calming you. Beneficial effect is achieved during special movements of masseuses, thanks to which dead cells of skin leave it, as a result the face is rejuvenated, finds its former freshness and beauty. This is possible largely due to the fact that during the massage tissue breathing returns to normal and, as you know, the more oxygen enters the organism, the faster the cell renewal is.

A complex effect on the whole body through massage of face and head is very useful. After the procedure you will feel the skin of your face finding his youth, blush, and former beauty. Hardships are over, and now there is nothing that will burden you. As well as during any massage, in the course of it blood circulation improves, thereby the organism receives more oxygen.

The complex relaxation contributes to the disappearance of anxiety, and allows you to relax and clear your head from evil thoughts. The relaxation of the head promotes to strengthening of hair.

The head of the man acts as a command centre where there are all processes, without exception, coordination of movements performed by man. The nervous system of our organism receives signals from the brain, and the better it works, the better our health and higher its productivity. The skull is coated with thin layer of muscle, influencing on which our masters relieve fatigue, allow your head to relax, and, respectively, to all the body. After all, in times of trouble head muscles shrink, causing the headaches. Masters of our salon will cope with this problem.

Relaxing head muscles, you will feel the inflow of energy, and you will get rid of alarms. Tension will leave you once and for all, if you address to us, you will feel the gentle strokings possessing soothing effect.

If you have trouble in sleeping, you suffer from headaches, the stresses and disorders disturb you - then welcome to our Studio. We will help you get rid of fatigue and depression, improve concentration and attention, and help to normalize blood circulation. Coming to the procedure, you will forget about muscular pain, feel the rush of oxygen to the brain, that guarantees you a beauty, long and happy years of life. Erotic massage is designed to strengthen the muscular and the nervous systems, to stimulate arterial blood circulation, to relieve of stresses and bad mood.

Stimulation of the skin and nervous endings allows to bring toxins out of the body, that beneficially effects on your health.