Classical massage

Most people, when it comes to erotic massage, are at a loss. Some of them start to imagine too crazy scenes, which are difficult to call erotic, others suggest that massage can be done only by a heavy man.  Our Exclusive Studio of Relaxation Calypso will help to make a correct impression of this sophisticated type of massage.

You can use the services of our masseuses, who are the real masters in the art of various types of massage. Our Studio of massage Calypso will pleasantly surprise you with the unique atmosphere, which will help you to relax and completely surrender to sensual bliss and show your own sexuality. Our luxurious atmosphere will surprise even experienced people. Employees of our Studio will make you feel the state of complete bliss without rendering intimate services.

Miraculous massage

Even in the ancient times people noted that practically each human touch is capable to create a miracle.  Just ten minutes of rubbing can relieve you of back or waist pains completely. Also, massage is capable to give the incredible relaxation to every cell of the organism.  Besides touches during massage will help to enrich muscular tissue with oxygen, and also to increase the rate of metabolic processes, that has beneficial effect on the whole body.

Hands of our masseurs, in practice, can show to each client that professional execution of massage is capable not only to relax, but also to help in the treatment of many diseases.  It is improbable, but the list of pathological processes which can be corrected by means of a massage course, is really huge.  The Kazan salon of relaxation will help you to discover on your own, what magic can do the usual touch!

Classical massage in erotic execution 

Course of general massage helps to relax the whole body and will be able to charge with energy for the whole day. It is connected with that all of us feel tension of muscles even during the usual working day at office.  After all the modern person has to be in a sitting position for many hours a day, hence the frequent back pains, diseases of a backbone and other negative effects.

Classical massage is the effect on your muscles in the complex. Change of light strokes and, on the contrary, heavy load, is capable to relax, and then push your muscles in shape. In addition, this massage will help to adjust the pathology of many systems of an internal. Such massage in our studio of erotic massage will be able to improve your health substantially.

Elements of eroticism will be given by a fascinating sliding of a female figure on your body, as if in a dance. If you want, the massage room will begin to smell fragrant sorts of aroma oils, which will add to the atmosphere of the highest bliss. 

The use of Classical massage in the exclusive Studio Calypso will help to improve not only the state of your health, but also will present minutes of inexpressible pleasure!