Celestial Dragon

Exclusively in Calypso, relaxation program of Thai and Qi-gong massage is « Celestial Dragon». It is erotic fantasies in its pure form, hitherto unheard  sensations and impressions.The program begins with warming up.

Our master will work for your every muscle, using practice qi-gong. The oldest Chinese procedure will allow you to feel as the Celestial Dragon, whose scales are in the hands of the talented master of massage.

The best effect is reached doing massage without oil. Exactly thanks to refusal from oil, your body will get excited up to the unknown temperatures, will flare literally. After you properly ignite, there comes time of erotic pleasure. Physical discharge and rise up to the pleasure heights which previously were available only to Great Dragon.

Qi-gong massage

Qi-gong is nothing like the effects on the energy of your body. The massage therapist will work with your vital energy, and fill its sites devastated by  stress. Properly directed energy instantly is reflected on the physical and spiritual form of a person. After all the healthy cover is possible only at a healthy inner world. And massage originates in the 7th century B.C.

The energetic channels of human are similar with the river flowing smoothly and not having barriers on its way, but only if the person is healthy. Once you feel a little ill, injured or feel psychological distress as here on the way of your spiritual river there are barriers, the obstacles disturbing to its free current.. This leads to violation of the functionality of the body, problems with the work of internal organs. And thanks to qi-gong massage all these obstacles can be removed, and you will find a health and peace.

During this massage the master interacts with the patient at the energy level, giving the client of massage salon energy opposite to himself. The master becomes the owner of positive energy, and the patient is negative. As it is known everything in this world goes from plus to a minus, thus, the master shares his positive charge, filling the visitor of Calypso studio with health and forcing out all negative from his body. As a result, you feel burst of energy and cheerfulness.

We apply massage to many purposes, but the main is a relaxation. 

Get rid of a stress, forget about tension with a qi-gong massage and an erotic relax from our masters.