боди релаксация


Caresses of erogenous zones, gentle hands touching to your body, the young girl stroking you, and delivering incredible feelings are all this Body-relaxation. You see all happening to your body during massage, after all it is really amazing. The only difference is that all this is happening here and now. Thai massage by a body – exactly what you need for a perfect relaxation after a hard day. Dreams materialize, allowing you to plunge into the world of fantasy and to relax at 100 percent.

Caress your body by touching you with the finest parts of a female body, a belly, a breast and hair bring violent excitement. Erotic dance and soft pressing on your body excite consciousness. Velvet hands of the masseuses of salon “Calypso” are urged to excite and to create erotic fantasies in your consciousness. Charge of emotions and bliss, bringing to the physical discharge is the key during the relaxation procedures. The goddess of pleasure is right next to you, ready to give you bliss, bring secret, previously unexplored fantasies in your head. Pleasure and relaxation were weaved together under the leadership of the beautiful nymph of salon. Today only, and only here, you will find yourself in the center of events, which many people never will feel on the body. The classical massage is at your service, urged to bring your body into a tone, to relax muscles and to present pleasure.   Sliding of a body of the masseuse on your weakened flesh, impact on erogenous zones of your body, all this is possible and it is necessary to go through in our studio. Relaxation on one wave, the love game added with physical stimulation, allow to achieve the unprecedented bliss. In this game the leading role is given to you, and the process from A to Z submit to you.