Aqua -foamy massage

Water is a key part of our life. Existence of the person without water is impossible, at least, because he consists for 80% of it. In addition to maintaining the viability of the organism, the water still possesses also medical properties, filling our body with health and beauty. For example, taking a shower we wash away all adversities and stresses that happened to us during the day. All negative is absorbed by water spilling on us and disappears as soon as process of taking a shower is complete. But, in Calypso studio it is known for a long time  about curative properties of this natural structure, and about pleasures which can be received, using water. Pleasure and relaxation, touches of beautiful girls and foam to your body – water is capable to tell to you much more, than you know of it.

Aqua -foamy relaxation

Dimmed light, aromas and unostentatious music will surround you, and then just relax and give yourself to the water elements. The world is full of unforgettable sensations, like the ocean, will absorb you and won't let you go until you're 100% charged with positive energy. 

The heat bath becomes your haven for some time in which you will be expected by the beautiful nymph of salon. Light strokings, touches and pressings on your intense body will inevitably break barrier of constraint, relieving you from the stresses and problems of the day past.

Hands slide all over the body, bringing you the unearthly pleasure, filling you with desires, spreading tremors throughout the body. Relaxation supported with influence of water  delivers incomparable pleasure and enjoyment. Full-fledged relaxation and foam on your shoulders. What could be better?

Having much taken pleasure in massage, you will be surrounded  by foam and the company of our beautiful nymph whose light strokings will start bringing you out of a state of an erotic trance. The exquisite pleasure emphasized with beauty and healing effects of water - this is the aqua-foamy relaxation.