Erotic massage Kazan

There are a lot of human feelings but the most intimate of them is undoubtedly sense of touch. Only imagine touches to your body of gentle hands and a warm body of the lovely masseuse that will bring enormous pleasure to men. We did not forget about women, there is a fine option for relaxation in the company with the brutal men which tenderness is shown during massage. Are you ready for relax? Then hasten to us, CALYPSO studio, and we will present you great pleasure.

Exclusive Thai massage will be to the taste of experienced fans to indulge the body, which will present pleasure and relaxation. Massage with the all body is capable to open your essence, sensitivity and will help you to feel caress of touches.

If earlier you considered that entertainment and pleasure industry is full to the limit, and you have no chance to receive new emotions any more, then you were mistaken!

Our variety is capable to surprise you day by day, indulging your body and soul. We are ready to surprise you!

НNew emotions and impressions are available for you in the salon of erotic massage "Calypso". Massage in our salon is nothing like something new in the sphere of relaxation, and at the same time it has deep roots in the history.

Healing properties of massage were found in the Ancient East and the knowledge passed from generation to generation for centuries. Massage technique was improved day by day, brought up to the ideal. It isn't surprising that such place as the East, a philosophy and wisdom abode, became the ancestor of massage. Thanks to practice of the most ancient masters, we have today such practices as qi-gong, yoga and a tai chi-tsyuan. Thanks to them the western people could overcome fatigue, to be constant in an arrangement of new forces. That is important, erotic massage in Kazan doesn't concede to the above listed techniques in force of impact on a human body, and sometimes has big curative effect on it. The hidden reserves are concealed in a human body, which can be influenced on with the aid of practices known only for a few.

Massage is useful, undoubtedly, even his classical representative possesses healing properties, but we offer you something more, capable to bring as advantage as pleasure.

During massage procedure with our beautiful nymphs your body will relax, and feelings will turn into the heated sword, piercing your flesh.

The charge of energy and the cheerfulness, supported with injection of sexual energy – here that is the result of professional massage from our skilled masters.

Influencing the hidden erogenous zones erotic massage strengthens sensitivity, helping to open your sexuality. You will be surprised   receiving such strong impressions and feelings only by massage without  intimate contact.The laws of eroticism and thorough possession of the body of our masters will bring bliss and pacification.

Touch the mysteries of the East, come to the knowledge of the ancient skill and enjoy abilities of beautiful nymphs from "Calypso". Here you will find peace for your soul and calming for the body, complemented by sexual experiences and emotions. The most beautiful girls, the priestesses owning ritual of erotic massage, will please you, give you caress and heat of the hands  in every possible way.

The erotic massage salon "CALYPSO" will provide you a choice of a situation and the performer of charming procedure during which you will be taken prisoner erotic feelings.  Our skilled masters will do everything in order you not to forget this procedure.

The range of knowledge of beautiful girls is very extensive. You will long choose between many techniques and procedures: "Ocean breath" or "Grapevine", "Queen of Spades" or "Ice and Flame", sweet "Honey passion" or unpredictability of "Impudent Angel". You shouldn't choose long, try everything because all programs are endowed with one purpose – to deliver you pleasure! 

Massage is an art, only the elected own it, our girls are like that. It is enough for you to relax only, the rest remains for our nymphs.

Studio «Calypso» invites you to experience your body bliss, erotic massage can make you forget about the hustle and everyday life, to dive head in pleasure.

 Indulge yourself, appreciate new kind of relaxation, previously available only in the East.

The usefulness of which is indescribably great, its influence extends to the entire body, giving you emotions and good mood. Tranquility, comfort and confidentiality are the main principles of our work promoting our leadership in the art of relaxation.